Customer surveys

Customer surveys

Dear customer..

In keeping with the management of the Bin Dowal Exchange Company, the level of service performance and quality is improved.

To present you with this questionnaire to know your opinions and express your suggestions ..

# Elements of the questionnaire Options
1 IS Male or Female ?
2 Dealing type?
3 Age
4 The number of times visited our branches?
5 Our Services?
6 ?Exchange rates and service fees
7 ؟Employee attention
8 Services Provided?
9 Branch cleanliness?
10 Is the remittance procedure easy?
11 Do you advise your friends to deal with us?
12 company branches suitable for the regions?
13 Innovations to developing and providing services?
14 General appearance of the staff?
15 How do you see the company in general compared to other companies?
16 What would you suggest for the company so that we can serve you better?

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+967 05 326031
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