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Ahqaf Hadramout For Contraction and Oil & Gas Field Services Ltd.


who are we?

Ahqaf Hadramout Contracting and Oil & Gas Field Services Ltd. is a modern company that was established in 2016 to meet the growing demand for oil derivatives in the local and regional markets.

The company seeks to provide its distinguished services in importing and marketing oil derivatives and oil and gas fields services to companies according to criteria and standards set by the competent authorities.

It is one of the pioneering companies in the field of importing and marketing oil derivatives and oil and gas field services at the national and regional levels. The company is also keen on adhering to product quality with international specifications and standards, and is concerned with the environment and works to preserve it.

Our vision:

Upgrading work in the company, which enhances the quality of services and products provided by the company, and we strive to be a leading company in the field of importing and marketing oil derivatives in the local and regional markets.

Our Mission:

Providing distinctive products and services of high quality and in conformity with the standards and standards approved by the relevant bodies.

 Our goals:

Paying attention to the professional environment of the surrounding communities and company employees in particular
Promote the company's services and achieve sustainable growth and profitability
Expanding our commercial services and achieving the maximum possible integration in services
Maintaining safety of life and equipment and achieving a safe working environment
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We respect and value the human element, being the basic pillar of wealth for a real company, providing a safe work environment and embodying the spirit of one team.
We maintain a distinguished and constructive relationship with our partners and customers
We strive to avoid any safety incidents and adhere to the health and safety regulations and the environment.
Our respect for our principles, values and traditions is the basis of others' confidence in us
: Our services


The supply of oil derivatives from international markets in accordance with the highest international standards and standards specified by the relevant authorities at the local and regional levels
Marketing oil derivatives from the local and regional markets with an emphasis on providing the best services and prices
Providing the power stations with fuel necessary for operation, while providing all facilities
Services of oil and gas companies and provide the necessary requirements as needed
Why are we?

Fulfillment of obligations:
The company stresses adherence to the laws that govern and regulate this activity, which has earned the company the respect and dependence on these agencies in many businesses.


High performance:
Since its inception, the company has been able to achieve and maintain high levels of lunch, financially and financially, which has reflected on its overall relationship with local and regional officials.


Attention to quality
The company pays great attention to quality, which earned it the ability to compete through what it provides to its customers of high-quality items


The company always strives for future growth and development and pays much attention to this trend and allocates a lot of company resources


The company seeks to take advantage of modern technologies to develop key business programs that increase productivity growth and provide a work environment that encourages outstanding performance.


Hadhramaut - Al-Mukalla - Gual Msha - Against the General Administration of Traffic

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