Hadramout Shipping Office

Hadramout Shipping Office


It is a division within the Bin Dowal Commercial Group, a shipping office in the city of Mukalla in Hadramout that provides customs clearance services to customers and provides various marine and logistical services for all types of commercial and tourist ships with the utmost accuracy, quality and safety under the supervision of a distinguished team characterized by expertise and professionalism.


Corporate social responsibility:

Navigation is fully committed to supporting the societies in which it operates or is linked to, and as part of the social commitment valuable contributions are made in several important areas, including: health, economy, international affairs, education, sports, and social and humanitarian affairs.

 Service sectors:

Customs clearance sector:

The sector provides its services to all sister companies and institutions, especially the customs clearance activity, according to their specific needs and fulfilling their requirements.






Our advantages:

Providing the highest levels of customs clearance service, supported by security and an appropriate price, and under the supervision of a distinguished team, within the framework of development and growth, and after increasing demand in the port of Al-Mukalla, the company is now considering developing and expanding the office to cope with the era of modern technology, as it has a distinguished location in the port of Al-Mukalla In Hadramout, to assure its clients of the importance of providing their services in the most important strategic locations inside Yemen, this office is considered the Hadramout office for navigation from the leading offices in the region, given the practical experience and professionalism of its management team that contributes to achieving excellent results and the office stresses the care given to its customers. Where both, where the force has become the financial, service and stability distinctive marks on the success of the company, which also including:


* To be responsible and creative in dealing with the needs of our customers, by providing distinguished services with professionalism and high quality.


* Ensuring continuous progress in performance and management skills.


* Commitment to security, safety, and environmental preservation.



Hadramout Navigation Office phones:

   Phone: 05326030

   Mobile: 772209592


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Public Administration - Hadhramaut - Al-Mukalla - Goul Masha
+967 05 326030 / +967 05 326031
+967 05 326031
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