Bin Dowal Trading Group is considered one of the important and pioneering companies working in several fields, and it is interested in providing its products and services in a distinct and diversified way to meet the needs of the local market, and it is in a permanent and thoughtful expansion in order to enhance the wheel of development and construction in Yemen and create job opportunities for youth, and to break the recession and isolation by providing Solutions that meet the needs of society and contribute to development and growth.

The group consists of the following companies:

  1. Bin Dowal Steel.
  2. Bin Dowal Steel Industries Factory.
  3. Bin Dowal Exchange Company.
  4. Ahqaf Hadramout Contracting and Oil & Gas Field Services Ltd.
  5. Hadramout Shipping Office.
  6. Bin Dowal Real Estate Corporation.


The company and its components should be supportive to the sustainable development process and meet the emerging and urgent needs in the local market to advance the wheel of development, and to adopt a method of continuous renewal in the type of services and products in line with the global development while maintaining the highest quality specifications and the highest levels of performance.


Finding competitive services and products that meet the needs of the market and keep pace with the wheel of development and construction by specialized companies and reinforced by qualified technical cadres and equipped with the necessary capabilities to perform its work with all its merit and mastery.


Bin Dowal Group has several goals:

  1. Broadening the circle of activity to become an integrated group that depends on itself in achieving its business requirements.
  2. Providing the public and private sectors with the resources needed.
  3. Offering distinctive products and services and competitive prices.
  4. Keeping pace with practical and technological development.
  5. Contributing to the rise and development of society.


ِArab Where Dos


Bin Dowal Islamic Microfinance Bank


Bin Dowal Exchange Co.


Bin Dowal Factory Steel Industries


Bin Dowal For Steel


Hadramout Shipping Office


Ahgaf Hadramout Contraction and Oil & Gas Field Services LTD


Bin Dowal Real Estate Corporation



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+967 05 326031
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